We're just days away from the fourth and final premiere of 'The Killing,' moving its new season to Netflix to wrap up the exploits of detectives Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and Linden (Mireille Enos) for good. Sad as we'll be to say goodbye to the rain-soaked murder mystery, what better way to kick things off than with our first full clip from the new episodes, complete with showering Linden and a bit of Holder-smolder!

Picking up almost immediately after the events of season 3 finale "From Up Here/The Road to Hamelin," our new look at 'The Killing' season 4 finds Linden returning home after putting a bullet in the brain of her onetime lover/secret serial killer Skinner. The dour detective strips down to wash off the blood and burn the remaining clothes, before Holder arrives to assure her that everything will be alright, so long as they keep their cool.

In addition to the most recent posters teasing that "the past can't be washed away," the final 6 episodes of 'The Killing' season 4 will focus heavily on the fallout of Linden's actions at the end of season 3. Showrunner Veena Sud expressly suggested that 'The Killing' season 4 will end with an image in mind she'd had for Sarah Linden's final fate from the beginning, likely ending any hope of the series returning.

Here’s how Netflix describes ‘The Killing’ season 4:

The fourth and final season of THE KILLING picks up right after the season 3 finale. As Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) and Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) struggle to manage the fallout from their rash actions at the end of last season, they are assigned a new case — a picture perfect family is murdered, survived only by the son, Kyle Stansbury (Tyler Ross), who was shot in the head during the massacre. Joan Allen guest stars this season as Colonel Margaret Rayne, the headmaster of the all-boys military academy where Kyle attends. The new season also stars Gregg Henry, Sterling Beaumon and Levi Meaden.

We've just a few days to go, but what do you think? Will 'The Killing' season 4 satisfyingly wrap up the series for both Holder and Linden? Watch the newest clip below, along with the trailer above, and tell us in the comments what you want to see when the final episodes premiere this Friday, August 1 on Netflix!

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