Tainted though 'The Killing' may have been by its decision to draw out the Rosie Larsen mystery across a second season, few fans of the series would argue that the unexpected season 3 revival succeeded in retooling the series around a brand-new mystery, and opening the door for yet another season. AMC surprised us all with its decision to pass on season 4 (for 'Better Call Saul,' really?), but what does series star Mireille Enos have to say on 'The Killing' killing?

"I'm disappointed," Enos told TVGuide, lamenting that the cliffhanger ending of season 3 finale "From Up Here / The Road to Hamelin" could represent the last we see of Linden. "The season finale for Season 3 was such a surprising choice for Sarah that I definitely hope to see how that affected her life."

In particular, Enos explained that ending the season after season 3 proved more bittersweet than the season 2 cancellation, which created a more complete resolution to the series and characters at large:

I'm very, very proud of the third season. When it got cancelled after Season 2, I was disappointed, but I wasn't surprised because it was a logical ending. The Rosie Larsen case was done. And then when AMC came back around, I really thought that meant that we had at least two [more] seasons with them.

The two-hour season 3 finale kept mostly on par in the ratings of the season, bringing in a total of 1.5 million million viewers, nine-percent up from the previous year’s finale, though the series itself has never quite returned to the 2.8 million viewers of its 2011 debut. Enos even expressed her optimism that the production crew could again find a post-cancellation home for the series, though previously a co-financing deal with Netflix proved AMC's main reason to greenlight a third season.

What say you, 'Killing' fans? Did AMC drop the ball in passing on a fourth season, or had the rainy murder-mystery drama run its course? Tell us if you want to see the series resurrect yet again in the comments!