Earlier today the news broke that the miraculously-revived 'The Killing' season 3 will bring in a new partner for Detective Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman), but it seems the salvaged AMC series wasn't quite done for the day. Now, BBC America's 'The Hour' star Max Fowler has joined the cast of the upcoming season as a series regular, but how will he pertain to the new case? What dark corners will Seattle's crime scene bring detectives Holder and Linden to this time around?

The third season of AMC's 'The Killing' won't go before cameras until the end of the month, for a likely summer 2013 premiere, but that hasn't stopped that controversial murder-mystery drama from adding to its cast as the new season focus shakes out. New reports suggest 'The Hour' star Max Fowler has joined 'The Killing's third season as a series regular, following the recent announcement of actor Elias Koteas' casting.

Fowler will take the role of "Twitch," a streetwise and Hollywood-dreaming teenage boy previously arrested for prostitution, drug possession and trespassing, but usually able to charm his way out of it. The initial leaked casting reports for the season referred to the character as "yet another JV hooker, a wannabe star with a rap sheet that’s longer than he is tall."

The new season of the AMC drama will open up a year after the close of the Rosie Larsen murder that dominated the first two seasons, with Linden (Mireille Enos) having left the force until ex-partner Stephen Holder’s search for a runaway girl leads him to discover a gruesome string of murders that connects to Linden's previous murder investigation.

Set to begin shooting on February 25 for a likely summer debut, ‘The Killing’ season 3 understandably won’t involve the Larsen Family, nor will seasons 1 and 2 regular Mayor Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) appear. Casting descriptions for a number of regular roles already made their way to the internet.

What say you? Do the latest castings have you optimistic for 'The Killing' season 3? Will you tune in when the new season premieres, Rosie Larsen free?