You know, with all the hubbub surrounding a certain other season premiere this Sunday night, whose "competition of seats"-like name we won't mention, you might not have noticed that this weekend also sees the return of one of AMC's best new dramas, the Danish-imported murder mystery 'The Killing!'

And whatever your reaction to 'The Killing's controversial Season 1 finale "Orpheus Descending," the investigation into Rosie' Larsen's murder is about to pick up in a big way, as Detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) must "be careful what you uncover."  Could Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) really have betrayed her, and deliberately set up Councilman Richmond to take the fall for Rosie Larsen's murder?  And what of Belko's ominous approach with a gun?

With the promise of Rosie Larsen's murderer to be revealed this season, 'Killing' fans have waited on bated breath for the resumption of the Seattle-based murder mystery.  Well, wait no further!  The latest looks at 'The Killing' season 2 want you to ask the hard questions before picking up the investigation, most importantly, who was Rosie Larsen, really?  Innocent teenage girl, or a high-class escort with ties to politics?  The answers are coming, and you need only wait until Sunday April 1 for your first clues!

Unless of course, you're watching that other show, for all its dungeons and dragons, in which case, we wouldn't blame you.  Much.

So check out the below on-air trailer for 'The Killing' season two, and as a special bonus look beneath it for a full 3 minute clip from Sunday's 2-hour season premiere "Reflections / My Lucky Day!"  Tell us what you want from 'The Killing' season 2 in the comments section beneath!


Now, enjoy the full clip!