For all the critical steam Steven Soderbergh and Clive Owen’s Cinemax period drama The Knick picked up over two seasons (the second of which ended just last night), the series has long been conceived and contracted to run only two years. At least one major character’s fate was left in doubt by the Season 2 finale, though Cinemax has officially begun consideration of a third, ordering an initial script.

You’re warned of full spoilers for The Knick’s Season 2 finale from here on out, but Clive Owen’s Dr. John Thackery ended the season with an unexpectedly bleak future, seemingly dying in a botched attempt to perform surgery on himself. The closing moments of “This is All We Are” at least left some wiggle room, though Owen confirmed to Variety his initial intent to play the character only two seasons, answering questions of death with “It certainly looks that way.”

With or without Clive Owen at the center however, Variety also claims that Cinemax has officially ordered a premiere script and rough season outline to determine if a third year of The Knick is worth pursuing. Series creators Michael Begler and Jack Amiel would return as executive producers and writers, though questions remain of returning actors, major plot changes, or Steven Soderbergh’s directorial involvement.

Says the network:

Cinemax has been in conversations with Steven Soderbergh on how we might continue with ‘The Knick.’ When first conceived, the series was always meant to be presented in a two-year story arc, and Steven has been meeting with the writers to discuss how to proceed.

Well, is The Knick worth pursuing into a third season, even against the possibility of a few creative changes? Did Clive Owen’s Dr. Thackery have a satisfying (if bleak) ending all the same?

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