FOX’s Lord and Miller comedy apocalypse The Last Man on Earth has had trouble finding its bearings after its stellar first few outings, but with Will Forte at the helm, it’s no surprise The Last Man gets another life. FOX has officially renewed The Last Man on Earth for Season 2, keeping Phil Miller in his increasingly-less private hell through 2016.

You’re warned of potential spoilers from here on out, in case you haven’t kept up with The Last Man on Earth, but however the population expands or contracts, Phil MIller will officially stay alive in Tuscon for another year. The series had taken some critical flack of late for leaning too heavily on Phil (Forte)’s attempts to woo the beautiful Melissa (January Jones) away from fellow male survivor Todd (Mel Rodriguez), though FOX will rightly keep their confidence in Lord and Miller for another go.

Says the network:

We knew we had something special with THE LAST MAN ON EARTH. It’s one of those rare shows that continues to add depth and dimension to its unique premise, week after week. We are so thrilled that this incredibly bold, original and inventive series has been embraced by both fans and critics, and we cannot wait to see where the creative genius and inspired vision of Will, Phil and Chris take us in Season Two.

The Last Man on Earth will debut another two episodes this coming sunday with “The Do-Over” and “Pranks for Nothing,” but will Season 2 have a vastly different premise by the time we make it to 2016?

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