Just yesterday we saw the first poster and image from ‘The Lazarus Effect,’ the latest horror flick from Blumhouse Productions, the folks who brought you ‘Insidious’ and last year’s ‘Oculus.’ We were already sold on the film based on the cast alone, but seeing this first trailer really seals the deal. A film in which Mark Duplass and Donald Glover bring a creepy Olivia Wilde back from the dead? We’re totally there.

‘The Lazarus Effect’ stars Wilde, Duplass, Glover, and Evan Peters as researchers who are trying to find a way to bring living matter back from the dead. Their research leads to the death of Wilde’s character, and when they bring her back from the dead, something isn’t right—it seems as though she didn’t come back from the other side alone. The description alone is eerie, and the first trailer wastes no time in showing off undead Olivia Wilde’s creepiness.

We’re really excited to see actors like Duplass and Glover tackle the horror genre, and producer Jason Blum told EW that the casting was very deliberate, intended to make the film more realistic and grounded. Duplass also appears in the upcoming horror comedy ‘Creep,’ which debuted at last year’s SXSW film festival.

‘The Lazarus Effect’ was directed by David Gelb (‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’) and written by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater (who wrote the first draft of the new ‘Fantastic Four’ film). The film hits theaters on February 27.