Considering the loud drum beat some franchise pictures have already made for their summer releases (think of how many 'Iron Man 3' TV spots, posters, etc. have been released), the lead up to this summer's 'The Lone Ranger' has been relatively quiet so far. Perhaps that's why producer Jerry Bruckheimer released an image from the film today.

Here's that picture:

This comes from Bruckheimer's Twitter account, which shows how producers and filmmakers have become savvy about using social media to get people excited about their upcoming films. This may not say much about the movie per se, but it is a nice image that shows our heroes (we assume) in silhouette.

'The Lone Ranger' is going to have to do something to get people excited because the film was born out of a reportedly bloated production budget that nearly got the film cancelled. Stories like that mean that if the film doesn't deliver something awesome, it may suffer the same pre-release stink bomb attacks that greeted 'John Carter' last year. It's also hard to tell if audiences love Johnny Depp, or if they love Johnny Depp only when he's playing Captain Jack Sparrow. We shall see. 'The Lone Ranger' hits screens July 3.