Young-adult entertainment goes through phases and we're currently waist deep in the "sci-fi dystopian" phase, where 'The Hunger Games' is the obvious high watermark. Although 'Divergent' will make a run at the throne in a few weeks, 'The Maze Runner' is taking aim at Katniss and company later this year, and the new poster looks strategically designed to tap into your love of that franchise.

If the presentation and font weren't enough to get you thinking about 'The Hunger Games,' the premise of the film certainly will. Based on a 2009 young-adult novel by James Dashner, the film finds a group of young boys stranded in a dangerous maze and watched over by a mysterious organization. Naturally, everyone has amnesia so exactly what's going on is a big mystery. Even more naturally, the book is the first in a trilogy so if this one is a hit, you can expect an official green light for at least a sequel (which is already being developed).

Unlike 'The Hunger Games' or 'Divergent,' 'The Maze Runner' doesn't have much big-game talent in front of the camera (or behind it), so any potential excitement we have for it has to be primarily based on the premise ... although we're glad to see Dylan O'Brien finally taking center stage after playing second fiddle in MTV's 'Teen Wolf.'

'The Maze Runner' will dash into theaters this September 19. See the poster below, courtesy of MTV News, and be sure to check back later tonight after 10 p.m. EST for the reveal of the first trailer.

The Maze Runner Poster
20th Century Fox

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