Following the 20th Century Fox Comic-Con 2014 panel from this past weekend, the new 'Maze Runner' trailer has sprinted online, featuring new looks at the mysterious "Glade" and our first look at the dangers that lie within its deceptive maze.

While 'The Maze Runner' book series might not have the same fanbase as, say, 'The Hunger Games,' 'Twilight' or 'Divergent,' early reactions from the first screening of this James Dashner-adapted film were pretty positive. Now, coming off the high that was Comic-Con, this new trailer takes us farther into the maze than ever before through the eyes of star Dylan O'Brien. Yes, Stiles from 'Teen Wolf' finally gets his time in the leading-actor spotlight.

The story finds a young boy dropped into a mysterious location known as The Glade, which is surrounded on all sides by a high-walled maze, with no memory of who he is. Along with a community of boys already trapped there for unknown reasons, he must learn the reason for his unceremonious imprisonment, in addition to navigating the treacherous maze and its deadly inhabitants, called "The Grievers," to freedom.

'The Maze Runner' hits theaters on September 19.

The Maze Runner Poster
20th Century Fox

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