Boy, that spiral just keeps going downward, doesn't it? 'Community' fans are already sweating about the possibility of the show's 13-episode fourth season being its last, especially since we already know show-runner Dan Harmon is long gone. Now there's even more cause for worry since Mindy Kaling's FOX series might have sucked further life out of it. It's good news for 'The Mindy Project,' but what of our beloved 'Community'?

Vulture reports that Kaling's departing 'Office' vehicle has added some serious talent to its writers room in the wake of 'Community' having become a sinking ship. Matt Warburton, previously of 'The Simpsons' and 'Community' season 3, has been tapped as an executive producer for 'The Mindy Project' and will likely run the writers' room alongside Kaling. Fellow 'Community' vet Chris McKenna will also serve as a co-executive producer on the series.

But the buck doesn't stop there! 'The Mindy Project' has also tapped 'Modern Family's' Michael Spiller to serve as lead director and exec producer, while 'Malcolm in the Middle' creator Linwood Boomer will join as a consulting producer. And that's not all! As Vulture reports, Mindy Kaling's longtime creative partner and fellow 'Office' star B.J. Novak is reportedly in talks to serve as a consulting producer on the show, having executive produced the pilot. Though, Novak is still expected to return to 'The Office' next season.

We know this is a lot to handle at once, but what say you? Were you interested already in 'The Mindy Project,' before this latest creative surge of talent? What will happen to poor 'Community' this fall? Let us know what you think of either show in the comments below!

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