For all his television omnipotence after the goodwill earned from break-away successes like 'Glee' and 'American Horror Story,' it seems like Ryan Murphy has one enemy he's yet to conquer: Mormons!  Utah-based KSL-TV has struck again with their refusal to air content it finds objectionable, this time taking aim at Ryan Murphy's forthcoming NBC sitcom 'The New Normal.'  What are they saying about the new series, and how will Utah get its Ryan Murphy fix?

Utah's KSL-TV is at it again, this time refusing to air NBC's upcoming Ryan Murphy sitcom 'The New Normal,' deeming its content "inappropriate" and "excessively rude."  The same network was also responsible for banning 'The Playboy Club' last year, and continually refuses to air 'Saturday Night Live,' also refusing to air 'Coupling' and the religious-themed animated comedy 'God, the Devil and Bob' in previous years.

'The New Normal'  follows 'The Book of Mormon' (irony!) and 'Hangover' stars Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha as a same-sex couple looking to procreate through a surrogate, naturally creating a host of issues regarding same-sex rights and conservatism.  Says KSL-TV parent Bonneville International CEO Jeff Simpson of the decision to ban, “For our brand, this program simply feels inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time."  Bonneville also spoke to local papers, saying the show features “rude and crude” dialogue, scenes that “may be too explicit," as well as characterizations that “might seem offensive.”

Series star Ellen Barkin slammed the decision as "homophobic" on her Twitter account, and GLAAD has responded as well, though thankfully local station KUCW has opted to air 'The New Normal' on weekends, continuing its practice of picking-up programming that KSL-TV often pre-empts.

We've seen the pilot episode, and are all on board for 'The New Normal,' but what say you?  Does the concept seem like it might be too offensive for some, or is KSL-TV not giving it a fair shake?  Keep it civil, but tell us your opinions in the comments below!