Last week's 'The Office' episode "Customer Loyalty" opened up a tremendous can of worms for the long-running NBC series, as after nine years the seemingly omnipresent documentary crew filming Dunder-Mifflin finally stepped out from behind the camera, involving themselves in Jim and Pam's marriage in an alarming way. Many wonder if the mysterious "Brian" will become a major thorn in Jim and Pam's deteriorating relationship, but what does show-runner Greg Daniels have to say about the documentary crew's increasing presence?

'The Office' fans were thrown a major curve-ball last Thursday, as boom mic operator "Brian" (Chris Diamantopoulos) broke the fourth (or fifth?) wall to comfort Pam following a tense phone argument with Jim in "Customer Loyalty." With 'The Office' set to air its final one-hour episode in May, and the inclusion of the documentary crew in the ongoing story, what does show-runner and co-creator Greg Daniels have to say about the upcoming episodes? Will Brian involve himself more in Jim and Pam's marriage than fans might be comfortable with?

Speaking to EW, Daniels teased:

Pam and Jim have this incredible, intense bond that has developed over years and years of little workplace jokes and conversation, [and] the thing I think is so, like, disturbing, maybe, is the realization that there may have been another guy who was there in an invisible setting this entire time also participating in little jokes with them and killing enormous amounts of hours at work.

Once you start opening the box of who’s working on [the documentary], you have to picture that when Pam does an interview, Brian is right there, right off camera, holding a boom mic.

Daniels specified that the next two episodes in particular would explore that notion, but also that he enjoyed the renewed sense of uncertainty writing for both characters toward the end of the series brought. “We’re having the kind of debates about what comes next [for Jim and Pam] that we had in the first seasons," says Daniels. "So for me and for the writing staff, I’m pleased because we’re incredibly engaged in what happens — debating it and arguing it, obsessively re-shooting it, polishing it and everything."

At least one thing remains certain for 'The Office's future, that the documentary crew will continue to have an effect on the proceedings, as all observers inevitably fall prey to. What say you? Do you think Jim and Pam might not have a happy ending now that Brian is in the picture? How do you think the introduction of the documentary crew will affect the final episodes of 'The Office?' Relive the tense scene below, and give us your predictions in the comments!