Following the departure of Steve Carell, James Spader has decided to exit NBC's 'The Office.' After just one season as CEO Robert California, it was announced today that Spader will be moving on.

Executive producer and cast member Paul Lieberstein released a statement on Spader's departure from the show:

"James came to 'The Office' to play a role that was two scenes long in the Season 7 finale. He instantly brought so much life and intrigue to the part that those two scenes became a season. James always wanted this to be a one year arc (...)"

The show has certainly faltered in Carell's absence, yet it keeps chugging along like your grandma when she gets into that brandy at Thanksgiving. And Spader's departure is just like grandma always slurs when she recalls the good ol' days of pleasing Navy men on shore leave: 'One and done, kids. One and done.'