After last week's non-starter "Work Bus" we're hoping that 'The Office' kicks it into gear with this week's episode. Not only is it Halloween themed, they've got Stephen Colbert as a guest star. Hopefully they deliver with this week's episode "Here Comes Treble."

The episode starts with Dwight trying to get into the spirit of Halloween by wearing a pumpkin on his head (which freaks out Erin), but he can't get his head out. Everyone else reacts to Halloween regularly: Erin dresses as a puppy, Pam as a princess that's also an oncologist (to be a good role model for her daughter), while Jim didn't wear a costume because of new work, which Pam uses as an excuse to needle Jim about keeping the job from her. Andy shows up dressed as George Michaels, while Angela is dressed as Nancy Reagan and says that her husband will be joining them for their Halloween party (cut to: Oscar). Andy asks if anyone's seen treble, which leads to a large a capella group named Here Comes Treble to come in and sing "Karma Chameleon." They're performing in town and Andy thinks they might want him to sing. Jim and Pam have a moment where they discuss his investment, which sounds like a lot for them. While eating (and spilling) some Nerds, Dwight finds a anti-depressant on the floor, which makes him think there's a madman in their midst. Nellie defends the pill and admits to the camera it's her's - she's got an anxiety issue, but Nellie can tell that Dwight won't take that info well. Andy tries bonding with Treble and it goes poorly (as to be expected), and he's told Broccoli Rob is the "boner champ," which is Andy's prized nickname. Uh-oh.

In the break room, new guy Pete admits he didn't know everyone dresses up at the office, and Creed (splattered in blood) says he didn't know either. As he tells the camera, it's really really good timing. Andy skypes with Broccoli Rob (Cobert), and Rob apologizes and says he'll tell them the truth. At Jim's lunch meeting, he says he wants to invest with five to ten thousand, which is met with a slightly cold response, so Jim goes full ten. Andy goes to talk to Treble to see if Rob corrected his mistake, and explains how he got the nickname: He had sex with a snowman. Their cold response leads Andy to complain to Erin, who tells the band to sing "Faith," but they don't know it. At the party, Angela brings in her husband, who's wearing a Ronald Reagan mask, and begins talking to Oscar, which gets awkward quickly. Back in the break room, Dwight leaves out the pill for someone to take and sits patiently with Nellie and a net. Toby comes in and notices that Nellie is dressed as him, and they have an awkward (possibly sexual) moment. Meredith goes to take the pill thinking it's a free upper, so Dwight nets her, which finally gets Nellie to admit it's hers. Jim tells Pam about his investment, and they both freak a little about the money while Here Comes Treble sing. So this narrative is finally going some place.

Treble sing "Car Wash" to Clark's glowing approval and Dwight's annoyance. Treble then bring up Andy to sing "Faith," only for Broccoli Rob come up on the big screen to sing it as well. Erin says she thinks it's pathetic, but that "love is about putting up with things that make you lose respect for someone." Broccoli stays on the screen to half-apologize, which leads Rob to challenge Andy to a sing off. Jim and Pam's tensions rise to the surface in an office discussion, which leads Brian to explain their argument to the camera. Andy has a bit of a meltdown and wants to move closer to Cornell, but Erin talks him out of it. Though he can't come clean about it, Dwight asks for some anti-depressants for Mose, but Nellie won't give it to him out of respect. As a closer, Andy calls his mom only to find out his family is broke, while Toby gives Nellie some flowers only to find her less attractive as a woman, and Oscar and Angela's husband make out in the parking lot.

This was a surprisingly strong Erin episode and it was a good showcase for Ellie Kemper. She has some of the best lines of the night (like "Buts are for pooping,' which delivers brilliantly). Dwight acting crazy was also well used in this episode. It's unfortunate that Jim and Pam -who used to be the center of the show - have become its deadest weight - everything is fun and interesting but them. The investment opportunity also sounds scammy at the moment, which would be a strange way to cap the series. But the pathetic-off between Andy and Broccoli Rob was nicely nuanced, and though it looks like Colbert shot for ten minutes, he is able to create a character in that time. All in all a good episode for this season, but its problems are endemic of the problems of the last couple seasons.

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