We had a new ‘Purge’ film two years in a row, which was very much in keeping with the franchise’s fictional reality in which for one night, every year, citizens “purge” and murder the hell out of each other—if, you know, they’re into that. If you were hoping to see ‘The Purge 3’ hit theaters this year to deliver your annual dose of dystopian violence, sorry, but you’ll just have to wait one more year because this year’s ‘Purge’ has been delayed.

Per Variety, Universal has set a July 1, 2016 release date for ‘The Purge 3,’ which pits the horror sequel against the live-action ‘Tarzan’ film and Steven Spielberg’s ‘The BFG.’ The studio announced a third installment in the franchise last October, partnering once again with Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes.

James DeMonaco, who wrote and directed the first two installments, is returning to pen the script and likely direct ‘The Purge 3.’ The first two films in the series followed different characters in a dystopian future where, for one night every year, citizens are allowed to legally commit crimes—of course, most people elect to brutally attack and murder other people. The first film featured Ethan Hawke and ‘Game of Thrones’ star Lena Headey as parents who must fend off a home invasion during the annual Purge Night. ‘The Purge 2: Anarchy’ expanded the universe by moving the action outside. The sequel starred Frank Grillo as a man on a mission of revenge, who encounters and helps protect other people along the way.

As of now, it’s unclear what the official title and plot for the third film will be, but we’re looking forward to another expansion of this film’s particular universe.