An intense new trailer has emerged for the martial arts ass-kicker 'The Raid,' and it looks every bit as promising as all the good buzz we've been hearing for months.

The film follows Rama and his team as they infiltrate a 30 story building packed to the brim with seedy criminals; Rama must fight his way through all of them to reach the powerful drug lord at the top. 'The Raid' looks like non-stop chaos from start to finish, and just from what we're seeing in the trailer, the action is choreographed beautifully.

Sony Pictures Classics is distributing the film and officially changed the title this week to 'The Raid: Redemption,' which unfortunately sounds like a 'Resident Evil' film; fitting, since Sony wants to deliver a 'Raid' trilogy.

'The Raid' is an official selection of SXSW 2012. Following the fest, you can catch the film in theaters on March 23rd.