Where has director Mira Nair been? The last time we saw the acclaimed filmmaker behind 'Monsoon Wedding,' she was slumming it with the instantly forgettable Oscar bait 'Amelia' back in 2009. With that out of her system, her next film, 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist,' will hopefully be a return to form, and the new trailer certainly has our hopes up!

Although the supporting cast is filled with big names like Kiefer Sutherland, Kate Hudson and Liev Schreiber, the real star of 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' is Riz Ahmed, who you may recognize from the hilarious 'Four Lions' (if you recognize him at all). Ahmed plays Changez, a Pakistani man who comes to America and finds great success on Wall Street, only to find his life completely changed in the wake of the September 11 attacks. The trailer is a little vague about exactly what happens next (as it should be), but it definitely doesn't look like anyone will be having a particularly happy time.

With the exception of Paul Greengrass' 'United 93,' few films have responsibly dealt with 9/11, which most attempts being saccharine and insulting messes (see 'Incredibly Loud and Incredibly Close' and 'World Trade Center'). Can Nair break the trend? We will see when 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' arrives stateside for a limited release on April 26th.