The internet is a panopticon for cheating. With millions of people in possession of millions of different knowledge bases killing time online, there’s always someone who makes note of even the most minute fast one and publicizes it for all to see. It was not too long ago that an attentive Reddit user noticed that a small snippet of B-roll from Spider-Man 3 had been recycled for the Life trailer. And now, in that proud tradition of eagle-eyed esoterica, the denizens of the Internet have identified Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Dwayne Johnson as sharing a single body. (Unfortunately, not in a Split-type situation, but still.)

Scott Wampler of Birth.Movies.Death took to Twitter over the weekend to share a bizarre similarity he had noticed. After seeing the Canadian-release DVD for Coster-Waldau’s upcoming action potboiler Shot Caller, he was reminded of an almost identical poster for the forgettable Dwayne Johnson vehicle titled Snitch, which is, regrettably, not a mashup of Hitch and Snatch. You can see the tweet below, but the likeness is uncanny — same pose, same blue shirt, same beefy arm (albeit covered with tattoos), even the exact same wavy wrinkle down along the buttons.

For anyone still willing to chalk this suspicious resemblance up to bizarre coincidence, make note that both films are releases of production house Participant Media. (Also note that one film is Snitch and the other advertises that is “From the Director of Snitch.”) It’s likely that they had the old .JPG file lying around and figured they could do some minimal touching-up and nobody would notice. But the days of people not noticing things — whether it’s a half-baked poster or an offensive tweet — are over. The internet sees all. Dumb as The Circle was, it wasn’t wrong!

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