If you want to know what ‘The Secret’ is, you no longer have to read the book or become friends with Oprah. (You could still check out the documentary, if you were into that sort of thing.) Rhonda Byrne’s best-selling self-help book is set to become a best-selling self-help film, rendering your ‘Secret’-approved vision boards wholly unnecessary.

According to THR, ‘The Smurfs’ director Raja Gosnell (uh, yeah) is adapting ‘The Secret’ into a film with the help of ‘Switched at Birth’ writer Bekah Brunstetter. ‘The Secret’ was first released as a sort of self-help documentary, followed by Rhonda Byrne’s book of the same name in 2006. The book focuses on the superstitious law of attraction, and instructs readers that they can gain everything they want (health, wealth, an infinity pool, eight cats, a date with Jon Hamm—you name it) simply using positive thinking, envisioning what you want, and attracting these things to your life. There’s also the concept of vision boards, which are just grown-up collages you make with the help of a box of wine.

Since the film can’t simply consist of one long montage (the cinematic equivalent of a collage vision board), nor can it be some person just telling you about the law of attraction, this thing actually has a narrative: a hardworking, widowed mother’s life changes completely when a mysterious stranger enters her life and teaches her about his own personal philosophies, which enrich the lives of her and her children. Obviously, what we really need are more movies about struggling women who can’t get it together without the help of some wise, handsome dude. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t on my vision board.

The secret of ‘The Secret’ (the movie) is that this thing is basically ‘50 Shades of Grey,’ but instead of BDSM, the real love was vision boards and positive thinking all along.