Of all the most intricate designs in film history, the hedge maze from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining stands out—not only is it a beautiful and intimidating design, but the maze itself is rather disquieting, particularly in the context of the film’s climax. Kubrick didn’t just utilize the outdoor hedge maze, but also a smaller replica, which Jack Nicholson hovers over during one of the film’s memorable scenes. And now the hedge maze (and its identical replica) have been replicated by MythBusters host Adam Savage, who painstakingly recreated the maze in this awesome video.

In the video above, you can watch Savage discuss why he built the replica, and his inspiration is both interesting and practical: while visiting the traveling Stanley Kubrick exhibit, Savage noticed a hedge maze replica and assumed it was the one from the film. But there was something off about it, and when he went home to compare what he’d seen to the original film, it didn’t match up. While someone obviously put a lot of work into that replica, it just wasn’t accurate.

Being the devoted fan that he is, Savage decided to make his own replica, but this one would be entirely accurate. That’s no easy feat, as the actual hedge maze is only briefly shown a few times in the film, and never in full. Kubrick does show the entire smaller replica in that shot with Nicholson, but only for a moment, which makes this task exceptionally difficult.

It also makes the fact that Savage pulls it off all the more impressive.

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