Horror has never been an unpopular genre, and some would even argue that arthouse horror is greater than it ever has been. But none even come close to the terror conjured by Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s chilling The Shining, a film so meticulous and mysterious in its composition it has its own conspiracy theory documentary. If you’re a fan of The Shining and you also happen to live across the pond, or will be vacationing there within the next month, good news: the BFI is planning a theatrical re-release of the film for one night only this Halloween, and they just posted the new trailer.

The trailer hits all the beats, showcasing the film’s greatest and most dread-inducing moments, with Danny’s (or Tony’s) voice murmuring the iconic “redrum” throughout. It’s a fun watch even if you won’t be in the vicinity of a theater showing it. The BFI is showing a new digital transfer of the 144-minute U.S. version, which is 24 minutes longer than the one Europeans have seen.

Fingers crossed that America catches on, and that we’ll soon see a theatrical re-release of this horror classic within our own shores. Theatrical re-releases are pretty common with films that studios know will gather the big crowds: The Fast and the Furious was back in theaters this past June for its 15th anniversary, and Alamo Drafthouse just brought back the original Star Wars trilogy in August.

The Shining will be in U.K. theaters for one night only. If you’re interested, click here for theaters and showtimes.