Writer-director William Eubank always wanted to make a film that turned audiences on their heads, and he’s done that with ‘The Signal,’ a film which, on the surface, sees a trio of teens chasing down a hacker but are forever changed by what they encounter.

While moviegoers will surely be left with just as many questions leaving the theater as they had coming in, the intricacies of this mind-bender are not something Eubank would like to discuss – at least not yet – as he has an idea, however far back in his mind for the moment, of exploring these answers in ‘The Signal 2.’

Though ‘The Signal 2’ has yet to move forward and might not at all, Eubank tells ScreenCrush in an interview that he is always thinking about potential sequels or expanded stories in the back of his mind. "I think it’s important, especially when you have a crazy ending" -- and 'The Signal' does -- "to always know where’d we’d go right from there."

One of the questions we are left with by the end of the film is regarding the young Haley, one of the three leads played by Olivia Cooke, and according to Eubank, "Haley’s actually a big part of" where the story could go.


In 'The Signal,' a young trio are off on a college road trip when they decide to track down the infamous hacker, Nomad, who's been toying with them online. Through a course of events, they encounter an alien life form and become infused with highly advanced technology. While we discover the extent of what befalls Nic (up-and-comer Brenton Thwaites) and his best pal Jonah (Beau Knapp), all we see left over from Haley's trials is a small metallic patch on the back of her neck. According to Eubank, "Nic is representative of grace and power and strength, and Haley – I’ll let you guess what that could be with her," adding that there are clues in 'The Signal' as to the extent of her abilities.

Her ability has not been revealed. It’s a good one and there are hints at it [in 'The Signal'], but unfortunately in this one, it was something that will be revealed or have to be revealed in a future one if we ever get to do it, ‘cause there could be a crazy sequel. But who knows? We’ll have to wait and see.

At the very least, Eubank says to keep an eye out for some cool behind-the-scenes materials.

'The Signal' also stars Laurence Fishburne and is now playing in theaters.

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