For someone just now having his moment, Dan Stevens has already accumulated a pretty diverse group of fans. Art house audiences already knew and loved his work thanks to a breakout role in Downton Abbey. Meanwhile, the genre crowd already declared his 2014 film The Guest as one of the best Halloween imitators not actually directed by John Carpenter. And now, with Legion, Colossal, and Beauty and the Beast all set to hit our screens in the next few months, Stevens is on an upward trajectory that few actors can match.

So maybe that’s enough to put The Ticket on your radar, an upcoming release from Shout! Factory that features Stevens as a blind man who wakes up one morning to discover he can see. What seems at first like a miracle comes with unexpected consequences, as he and his wife  —  played by the always-wonderful Malin Akerman  —  soon discover that regaining his vision may have cost him family. As someone who is always interested in the interplay of guilt and religion on screen  —  you deserved better, Silence  —  I’m very intrigued by a movie that aspires to explore a character’s lack of faith without actually being a faith-based film. There’s some complex stuff cooking in there.

The film originally premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, where it received positive reviews. Variety praised the film for its complex adult characters and “top-notch performances,” noting that Stevens’ performance in particular “should have casting agents calling.” Meanwhile, Screen International praised Stevens for “rendering so vividly a selfish, abrasive character” that would push him beyond the boundaries of his Downton Abbey work. Both reviews credit the film with a mature hand, noting that it is able to render the dissolution of a marriage without pitting your loyalties against either spouse.

The Ticket will also feature Kerry Bishé and Oliver Platt. According to IndieWire, the film has been set for an April 14 limited release by Shout! Factory in New York and Los Angeles.

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