This past Sunday's latest 'The Walking Dead' installment, "Inmates," brought a surprising amount of clarity to any burning questions about the back half of season 4, leaving even more uncertainty about next week's episode, "Claimed." The first official clip of the hour shows Rick and Michonne returning at odds, but what else might we learn from the latest installment of AMC's monster-drama?

Our first clip from next Sunday's "Claimed" sees Rick and Michonne (donning some newer, unfamiliar threads) arguing about their new encampment within the "After" house, as Michonne questions Rick's wavering health in a mission to obtain new supplies. AMC's preview revealed that we'd also be keeping up with Glenn, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, but might the railroad tracks reunite the different survivor groups after all?

Meanwhile, here's what AMC had to say about next week's "Claimed":

A number of immediate threats plague Rick; group members deal with their past.

As always, extraordinarily descriptive. Meanwhile, last night's "Inmates" gave us plenty to chew on, from Tyreese's ever-increasing party to a mysterious new location that might provide sanctuary to the various survivors. In the meantime, check out our first clip of next week's 'The Walking Dead' installment above, and give us your predictions in the comments! After this past week, what other surprises might 'The Walking Dead' have in store?'