The Walking Dead’ season 4 will make its triumphant return this coming Sunday, picking up with our beloved survivors in the aftermath of the Governor’s ultimate assault on the prison. It’s hard to say exactly when and where we’ll find all the different factions, but while we wait, we’ve got a handy-dandy refresher course of all the questions left unanswered by the first half of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4!

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    Is Judith Really Dead?

    Rick and Carl certainly seemed to think so, judging by the bloody carseat, but those of us outside of TV land know better than to declare someone officially dead without a body. After all, it isn’t entirely clear what the prison youths did with baby Judith before Lizzy and Mieke took up arms, and any number of unaccounted-for survivors might have taken Judith from her carseat in the chaos, even leaving behind the blood. In fact, wouldn’t you say it looks as if Tyreese has something in his arms during this GIF of his escape?

    And yes, Robert Kirkman definitively killed off Judith once in the comic’s prison escape, though that certainly wouldn’t rule out a remix approach for AMC’s future.

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    Who Drove the Bus Away?

    When last we saw, Maggie placed a still-ailing Glenn on the escape bus with a number of unnamed Woodbury residents, before heading out to find Beth. By the time Maggie returned, ending up pinned down with Sasha and Bob Stookey, the bus took off without making us aware of its driver, something Glenn would surely have objected to.

    As Beth was found with Daryl later, our guess would be Tara of the Governor’s invading army, who clearly lost faith in the violence of the conflict, and disappeared after laying down arms. Sticking around a bit would make sense, given the initial description of Tara’s role’s potential.

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    Did Lilly or Anyone Else Survive?

    Though walkers had clearly overwhelmed the prison by the time of Rick and Carl’s exit, it didn’t seem as if all of the Governor’s forces had necessarily been killed off. Lilly in particular lived long enough to put a final bullet in the Governor, though like the remnants of the Governor’s army in the books, it isn’t made explicitly clear if her survival prospects were too grim to recover. Not that we could devise too much future use for her character, that is, though if Tara sticks around, it’s a question worth asking.

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    Where's Carol?

    Carol’s exit from the series naturally led viewers to wonder if she might come across the Governor during her exile, or potentially other comic recruits to the series, but “Too Far Gone” didn’t provide us with any insight into her whereabouts.

    We know she’ll put in a return appearance before the end of the season, but what state will we find her in? And what will happen when Tyreese discovers what supposedly transpired between Karen and David, or worse, if Carol was covering for the kids Tyreese now finds himself burdened with?

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    Who Killed the Rabbit?

    Much like the rats by the fences, we don’t yet know who from the survivors’ group left a rabbit dissected and displayed for others to find. We have our suspicions of course, especially given a similar instance in the comics, but it remains to be seen if our apparent taxidermist had anything to do with Karen and David’s murder, or what dangers they might continually pose out on the run.

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    What Was That Radio Broadcast?

    Prior to driving into a heard, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob all heard a mysterious radio broadcast which seemed to promise survival at a safe haven, though the matter was quickly dropped as walkers overwhelmed the car. The voice mentioned “sanctuary,” though the episode itself contained a more garbled male voice than the Comic-Con trailer, where a female voice more specifically said “Sanctuary…those who arrive, survive.”

    Whether or not the Comic-Con version is to be taken as canon, where “Sanctuary” might have a very specific meaning from the comics, Robert Kirkman has promised we’ll see the radio transmission revisited in the back half of the season.

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    Where Did the Herd Go?

    Speaking of the incident, it certainly seems a bit odd that Daryl and his group could encounter a crowd of 7500+ walkers, and escape on foot thereafter with relative ease. That assembly of walkers likely wouldn’t have dispersed on its own, so where might the murderous crowd of undead next turn its wrath, now that Daryl and Michonne could have given them a direction to follow? Might it have anything to do with a group of comic characters who have their own perspective on zombie herds?

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    What Happened to the Other Camps?

    Robert Kirkman essentially confirmed that we wouldn’t revisit the mysterious cabin wherein a number of soldiers were observed to have been decapitated, with damning signs left upon their bodies, though theirs wasn’t the only mystery observed during our time with the Governor.

    For instance, what happened to the camp that the Governor discovered with Mitch and Pete, which was later found to have been slaughtered, with its supplies taken as well? Could we have another murderous group out there to need saviors from? And hey, whatever happened to Sam, whom Carol and Rick encountered, but left behind?