When one thinks of the spectacular season finale that was 'The Walking Dead's "Beside the Dying Fire," a number of questions could come to mind.  How will the shocking reveal of what Dr. Jenner told Rick at the CDC change things?  Where will the group move on to now that the farm's been overrun?  What's that ominous structure looming just over the hill?

And finally, why hasn't anybody talked about the bad-ass ninja woman who saved Andrea's life with a katana and two armless walkers in tow?!  Well, we have good news!  But stay far away unless you want to be surprised when 'The Walking Dead' picks up for season 3 this fall!

Fans of the comic book series know the mysterious hooded figure who saved Andrea's life to be none other than Michonne, the katana-wielding former lawyer who joins the survivors group after they've reached the prison!  Unlike certain other spoilers of 'The Walking Dead's second season, details of Michonne's appearance in the finale was kept largely under wraps because the role had not yet been cast, instead utilizing a stand-in who remained hooded in her appearance.

But will reveal themselves from under the hood when 'The Walking Dead' returns this fall?  Immediately following the season finale, Robert Kirkman appeared on post-'Walking Dead' talk show 'Talking Dead,' wherein he announced that the role had been given to 'Treme' actress Danai Gurira!  Gurira nabbed the role over a number of fan-speculated castings, including 'True Blood's Rutina Wesley and actress Tracy Thoms.

Gurira is the second of two major roles to be cast for 'The Walking Dead's third season, including the earlier announcement that UK actor David Morrissey would play major comic villain The Governor.  Presumably, Michonne will spend some time with Andrea out in the woods, before joining the other survivors at the prison ominously glimpsed in the final shot of "Beside the Dying Fire."

Pretty bad-ass, eh 'Walking Dead' fans?  Did you enjoy the season finale 'Beside the Dying Fire' or the show's second season at large?  Are you excited to meet Michonne and head to the prison next season?  Tell us what you think of this casting in the comments section below!