The massive success of Game of Thrones’ all-too-brief IMAX run naturally left the company ravenous for another TV event, and who better to follow than The Walking Dead? Yes, the Ricktatorship might hack and slash the undead of an IMAX screen near you, if the company (and fans!) have their way.

Though the IMAX company has yet to declare any formal details of a possible Walking Dead event, Senior VP and CEO Greg Foster teased the possibility at the company’s recent Investor’s day presentation, saying (Via The Hollywood Reporter):

We’ll be looking for more content like Game of Thrones. A high bar to kind of strive for would be The Walking Dead, and we have had conversations with our pals at the AMC network about that. We’re not doing anything yet, but that’s something we’d like to do. And we’re looking for more epic content that’s in line with the Imax experience to help fill some… gaps.

The prior IMAX Game of Thrones event saw the final two episodes of the fourth season “Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children” screened in the format, just before the worldwide debut of the Season 5 Trailer. The Walking Dead typically debuts each season’s new trailer at Comic-Con, though the AMC horror drama’s October premiere leaves plenty of time to work out another idea.

Not to mention, we’ll also have Fear the Walking Dead premiering sometime in late August as well, another possibility for theatrical viewings. Should IMAX enter formal negotiations for a Walking Dead screening event, which episodes should leap into the larger-than-life format?

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