AMC monster drama 'The Walking Dead' may have returned for the latter half of season 4, but "After" only gave us a small picture of the surviving group after 2013's midseason finale, "Too Far Gone." Next week's episode, "Inmates," will catch up with everyone's favorite crossbow-toting redneck, Daryl Dixon, along with his unlikely companion, Beth Greene, and you can check out the first few minutes right now!

You're warned of spoilers from Sunday's midseason 4 premiere, "After," though after catching up with Rick, Carl and Michonne, fans of 'The Walking Dead' have no doubt been dying to see what became of Daryl after the Governor's assault on the prison, and somewhat less so of Hershel's surviving daughter, Beth. The first clip of next Sunday's "Inmates" sees the two around a campfire, while Beth urges action to track down any other survivors of the assault, and Daryl seems paralyzed with indecision, or at least in shock for all he's lost.

We’re not sure exactly when we’ll catch up with the other survivors, though we at least know a trio of new faces will cross paths with one of the divided camps. The survivors will likely encounter some new dangers out on the open road, though we still have plenty of burning questions in the meantime

Well, what do you think? Which 'Walking Dead' characters are you most anxious to catch up with? Take a look at the clip above, and give us your predictions for next Sunday's "Inmates."