Curse this news-writing lifestyle that keeps us indoors all day, hunting for scoop on 'The Walking Dead, when it was right outside our buildings!  Seriously, we'd much rather be devoured by hordes of zombies than write about hordes of zombies.  In any case 'The Walking Dead' took to the streets today and gave some New Yorkers quite a scare as AMC continues its campaign against the Dish service provider.  Want to see the bloody results?

'The Walking Dead' season 3 probably shambles through our radar larger than anything else for the rest of 2012, what with its incredible array of bad-ass new characters, and epic prison setting.  Not to mention all the gruesome zombie kills!  Unfortunately for Dish subscribers, 'The Walking Dead' is nothing but a lifeless corpse, as on June 30 the companies carriage contract expired and AMC, IFC and WE TV were axed from the Dish lineup.

Now, not everyone has paid much attention to the AMC-Dish dispute (even us cable-watchers in whose faces they shove reminders every five minutes), but AMC sure found a way to get people's attention.  Taking to the streets of New York City today, the network dressed up a number of citizens in full zombie regalia, frightening citizens all over town!

You can see the surprisingly effective results in the video below, and if you're inclined to join the battle between AMC and Dish, the video will send you here.  Check it out, and tell us how hungry you are for 'The Walking Dead' season 3 in the comments!