There’s no arguing that The Walking Dead owes us a death or two when Season 6 returns for its latter half, but one wonders who, if any from the main cast will suffer an ignominious end. The comics point one way, but might a noticeable haircut for one series star spell an ominous fate ahead?

Take this one with a grain of salt for now, as only one major cable series tends to trade in death by haircut, but social media raised an alarm over the weekend when Lauren Cohan turned up in photos with some notably close-cropped hair. It isn’t anything that extensions couldn’t fix, but let’s just say that The Walking Dead isn’t one for making many changes lightly.

Now, here’s where we’re going to dig into comic spoilers for a bit, so those looking to preserve surprise should look away. Admittedly Maggie’s comic counterpart has also tended toward shorter hair, the likes of which Cohan now possesses, while most fans have more worry for Glenn, given the character’s first encounter with Negan, a character said to appear in the Season 6 finale.

Given the repetition of placing Glenn’s life in jeopardy twice in the same season, some have theorized that Maggie will instead find herself on the wrong end of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)’s barbed-wire bat Lucille, another “remix” of the comics common for AMC’s adaptation. Of course, that would also kill off Maggie and Glenn’s unborn child, an exceptionally dark twist for a series that previously avoided killing Rick’s daughter Judith, but then again, how many babies is too many babies for a series fraught with peril around every turn?

Assuming the haircut means anything at all, we might also look at Maggie’s fashion change as a sign for an upcoming time-jump, another move the comics would support, given the characters and storylines due to arrive. It remains to be seen if Cohen will offer any kind of explanation in interviews, but should The Walking Dead fans worry for Maggie?

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