Last night’s ‘The Walking Dead’ installment “Crossed” every character off the checklist in setting up next week’s midseason finale, but who will provide the final “Coda” to the first half of the season? Get a clue with our first clip from next week’s season 5 halfway-point, the last new ‘Walking Dead’ of 2014, as Bob puts in a surprising reappearance!

Whatever Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) intended to do in sneaking out of the church to get away from Carl and Michonne, the cowardly preacher treads some familiar ground in our first sneak peek of next week’s midseason finale “Coda.” Walking through the cannibalistic Gareth’s old schoolyard nesting grounds, Gabriel takes comfort in picking up Mary’s old Bible, but quickly loses his lunch at the sight of the cannibals’ old lunch: Bob’s leg!

Descriptive to the last, here’s what AMC says of next week’s midseason finale:

New enemies disregard rules and morals; although Rick wants to find a peaceful agreement, the enemies seem to prefer a more violent resolution.

Dollars to donuts, those dastardly hospital cops will fight Rick on his plan to trade officers for Carol and Beth, but will either hostage make it out alive? What of Abraham’s group and the failed mission to D.C.? Will Gabriel come to his senses? And hey, whatever happened to Morgan? Check out a first look at ‘The Walking Dead’’s midseason finale above, and give us your predictions for next Sunday’s “Coda” in the comments!

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