Because of course someone is going to start a rumor that 'The Walking Dead' could make the leap to the big screen after finishing up its AMC run, or possibly even during.  You can bet that any TV show with  modicum of success and certain cinematic appeal is going to get a Hollywood executive's money-sense tingling, but could 'The Walking Dead' actually make the leap?  How far have the discussions gotten, and who would be involved?

In the rumor of the day that has to be taken with the biggest grain of salt, Bloody Disgusting is reporting on recent rumblings that 'The Walking Dead' could find itself headed to the big screen in the future.  Of course, even the report from "friends working closely with 'The Walking Dead' crew and AMC" is specified to say that "nothing is even close to official and don’t expect there to be any real talks for another few years."  Still, it's fun to dream.

Said "friends" claim that conversations have been conducted from a non-business standpoint, reminding readers that 'The Walking Dead' was at one point in development as a film until AMC picked up the rights to the Robert Kirkman comic.  Of course, for every stalled TV-to-movie adaptation like 'The Sopranos,' 'LOST,' 'Friday Night Lights' or '24,' some series like 'The X-Files' or even 'Sex and the City' manage to make it happen.  Twice.

'The Walking Dead' season 3 will pick up on AMC Sunday, October 14, and in the meantime you can satiate your 'Walking Dead' hunger by dissecting the season 3 trailer.

What say you?  Do you think 'The Walking Dead' could make it to the movies?  Would you like to see the story pick up with the same characters after AMC's series wraps, or perhaps concurrently with all-new characters?  Give us your best pitch in the comments below!