To those of you snickering 'Archer' jokes at that headline, we salute you.  But nonetheless, Rick Grimes has quite a bit to rampgage about after the shocking, and heartbreaking episode of 'The Walking Dead' that capped off this Sunday, the extra-visceral "Killer Within."  Rick didn't seems to be doing to well by episode's end, so how will he deal with his emotions in next week's "Say the Word?"  And what sinister threat has Michonne discovered in the latest clip?

Thank you Spanish 'Walking Dead' promos, for going above and beyond the footage of our American friends.  A new look at Sunday's newest 'The Walking Dead' episode "Say the Word" has surfaced, and suffice to say Rick Grimes doesn't seem to be holding up too well after the brutal child-birthing death of his wife Lori.  Rick appears to go on a rampage tearing through the walkers in the prison, but what's Michonne stumbled into in the clip's second half?

Could the Woodbury residents or the Governor be keeping captive walkers for some nefarious purpose?  Doesn't he have enough heads in his fishtank?  What other reasons might there be, as revealed in the episode itself?  Check out the latest look at Sunday's all-new 'The Walking Dead' episode, and give us your predictions for "Say the Word" in the comments!