The Walking Dead’ season 3 brings to life its tenth episode of the season "Home,” as Rick struggles to recover his faculties while an angry Glenn plots retaliation against Woodbury, and Andrea finds her loyalties called into question by the Governor.

Last week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ premiere “The Suicide King” saw Rick rescuing Daryl and Merle from the Woodbury Arena, and beginning to crack under the difficult decisions posed by the new additions to his group, while Andrea attempted to calm a panicked Woodbury and draw the Governor out of seclusion, so what will the latest episode bring?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 10, “Home!”

Following Rick’s outburst, the man stands alone in the exterior corridor looking around the prison, spying Michonne camped out in the overturned bus, and eventually his vision of Lori standing by the graves in the distance. Michonne watches as Rick races toward the vision, which moves elsewhere outside the prison fences by the time he gets there. Rick follows the apparition to the marsh’s walkway, and Lori tenderly touches his face while a disturbed Michonne looks on.

Over in Woodbury, the Governor thanks Andrea for her passionate speech, and urges her to lead the town in his stead, though Andrea seems uncertain at the prospect. Elsewhere, Merle and Daryl walk about through the woods, scrounging for food while Daryl tries to warm his brother to the concept of returning to the prison.

Back at the prison, Glenn and Michonne plot to strike back at the Governor, despite Hershel’s protests, though Glenn reminds him they’d be too vulnerable out on the road again with a baby and a one-legged man. Meanwhile in Woodbury, the Governor pays Milton a visit and attempts to secure his loyalty, tasking the scientist to keep an eye on Andrea to see where her own loyalties lie. Outside, Andrea notes the absence of the Governor, as well as Martinez and a few other men.

Back at the prison, Glenn attempts to lead a mission around the facility to find the structure’s weak points, while Maggie continues giving him the cold shoulder. In private, Maggie admits that the Governor didn’t specifically rape her, but resents his inquiry into the ordeal. Outside, Carol and Axel continue fortifying the walkway, as Axel admits that he was imprisoned for armed robbery, despite the fact that the gun police found actually belonged to his brother.

Out in the woods, Daryl hears a baby’s cries, as he and Merle discover a Spanish-speaking family desperately fending off walkers at a nearby overpass. The Dixons intervene, and put down the surrounding walkers, but afterward Merle begins rooting through the terrified family’s car for supplies. Daryl trains a crossbow on his brother and demands he relent, urging the family to drive away.

Back in the woods the pair argue about who Daryl has become, seeing as they originally intended on robbing the Atlanta camp, and the brothers come to blows. In the scuffle, Merle sees a number of scars on his younger brother’s back, recognizing them as the handiwork of their father. Merle admits that he left their family for fear of killing the old man in retaliation, not realizing Daryl would be next in line for the abuse. Daryl resolves to return to the prison, despite Merle’s protests he won’t be accepted, but Daryl urges him to try anyway.

Over at the prison Hershel attempts to dissuade Glenn from undertaking any dangerous missions against the Governor, but Glenn argues he has become next in line to lead with Daryl’s absence and Rick’s breakdown. Hershel spies Rick wandering around outside the prison and urges him through the fence to return to the leadership position. Trusting Hershel, Rick admits that he’s been seeing visions of both Lori and Shane, and despite knowing them not to be real, feels he must follow them to see where they lead.

Carol and Axel continue their friendly conversation, when all of a sudden a bullet whizzes through the former prisoner’s skull, courtesy of the Governor! Carol ducks for shelter under Axel’s body as the Governor and his men open fire on the prison with Rick, Michonne, Maggie and Carl doing their best to defend. All of a sudden, a large van barrels through the front gates of the prison, opening up its hold to release a number of captive walkers into the outside grounds!

The Governor and his men speed off as Glenn returns, and Michonne grabs her katana to begin slicing walkers left and right. As Rick finds himself nearly pinned down, Michonne saves him at the last moment, just as Merle and Daryl return to join the fight. The group spirits Hershel behind the remaining fences, as Rick takes stock of Merle and Daryl’s arrival, and observes the plethora of walkers now freely roaming the grounds. To be continued!

There were those that argued last week's "The Suicide King" made for a lackluster premiere, even if 'The Walking Dead' needed a bit of a breather episode in order to prepare for the inevitable climax of the season. "Home" does a much better job of balancing the two elements, providing plenty of heated drama even before the bullets start flying and the Governor makes an initial attack on the prison. The action sequences are as thrilling as ever as the predicament becomes even more dire for Rick's group, though hopefully the pacing won't suffer in upcoming episodes that lack such battles. Surprisingly no mention of Tyreese's group, though we're glad to have Daryl back so soon, as even Michonne and Merle seem to have ingratiated themselves a bit. All in all, a definite improvement on last week's hour, and a good sign of things to come.

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