Nobody start making any 'LOST' comparisons just yet, but it looks like there's been a bit of trouble on the set of 'The Walking Dead' season 3 this week, as actor Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene) was recently arrested on charges of driving under the influence.  Normally this would be a sad, cautionary tale, but the moment one starts doing Yoga poses in a field sobriety test, we have to laugh.  Full story inside.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that 'The Walking Dead's Scott Wilson has been arrested in Georgia, where filming of the AMC hit's third season had been taking place (long live Hershel!).  The 70-year old actor had reportedly been drinking scotch and wine at a local restaurant, before being pulled over.

The best part?  Wilson apparently claimed that the road he had been swerving on was "slanted, and when asked to engage in a field sobriety test, Wilson asked amidst his swaying if he could perform yoga poses instead!  Hey, when you spend your days running from a world where the walking dead outnumber the living, you get accustomed to creative solutions.

Though AMC has yet to issue any kind of response, hopefully the incident won't bear any similarities to a 2006 Hawaii incident where 'LOST' actresses Cynthia Watros and Michelle Rodriguez were arrested for DUI in separate vehicles on the same night.  Both actresses' characters were subsequently killed off in a later episode, though ABC and writers insisted the decision was unrelated.  Long live Hershel Greene!

What do you think?  Could Wilson's arrest affect 'The Walking Dead' season 3 at all?  Tell us what you think will happen in the comments below!

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