Most fans of 'The Walking Dead' are at least passively familiar with the tumultuous events behind-the-scenes of season 2, that saw executive producer and show-runner Frank Darabont fired from the series and replaced with Glen Mazzara.  Now, with the upcoming release of 'The Walking Dead' season 2 Blu-Ray, we're seeing more and more deleted footage of an entire storyline scrapped from the season, but what about the latest clip could have completely changed the way season 2 played out?

TVGuide has released an exclusive deleted scene from 'The Walking Dead' season 2 Blu-Ray release, arriving in stores on Tuesday, August 28, one which might have made the entire second season seem very different.  We'd previously seen footage of a deleted subplot where rather than hitting the open road following the CDC meltdown of season 1 finale "TS-19," Rick Grimes and the other survivors sought refuge at the Vatos gang's nursing home, only to find the complex abandoned and its inhabitants dead (ish).  So, what happened?

As the new scene reveals, the survivors briefly attempted to seek refuge in the nursing home even without the "Vatos," though Daryl points out to Andrea that its residents weren't felled by walkers, but rather execution-style gunshots to the head.  Most likely this would have been the season's earliest reference to The Governor (played in season 3 by David Morrissey) and his Woodbury camp, who otherwise wouldn't make any presence known until the season's eighth episode, "Nebraska."

Even then, none of the hostile outsiders encountered by Rick and his group made specific mention of Woodbury, or even The Governor, other than an unintentionally tongue-in-cheek line from T-Dog in episode 12, "Better Angels."  It remains unknown if the deleted subplot was intended as the earliest foreshadowing of the future villains, and if so, why it was left on the cutting room floor.

As previously reported, the entire Vatos subplot, and a later rescue of Shane following a highway breakdown were cut from the season, instead fashioning what was to be the season's second episode into the 90-minute premiere "What Lies Ahead."  It isn't clear exactly how the deleted scenes or the re-worked premiere tie into Darabont's exit from the series, if at all.

You can watch the scene below, but in the meantime, what say you?  Would foreshadowing a group of hostile humans in the season premiere change anything about your opinion of 'The Walking Dead' season 2?  Would people have complained less about the time spent on the farm with a larger threat looming over the whole season?

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