'The Walking Dead' season 3 will look far different from its predecessors, introducing not one, but two important new locations after the survivors vacated the idyllic farm setting seen throughout the AMC monster hit's second season. Not only will Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors take residence in an abandoned, yet overrun prison, but they'll also encounter a new foe in David Morrissey's Governor as he presides over the seemingly idyllic community of Woodbury. But as actor David Morrissey tells us, the town may not be as it seems...

Many a 'Walking Dead' fan were relieved to see the survivors finally leave the farm, after spending the majority of season 2 on the isolated setting that afforded relatively few occasions for battles with the undead. Season 3 of the zombie-killer thriller, set to premiere on Sunday, October 14, will introduce two even safer locales, but don't expect the danger to be any less present. Actor David Morrissey recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the town of Woodbury, a seemingly safe haven from the undead where life continues much as it had before the apocalypse, but where sinister forces are at work.

“It’s an oasis in this madness,” says Morrissey. “Although it looks like a fortress, there’s aspects of it that look very idyllic, which are idyllic in this world. That comes at a cost.” Still, while the glimpses of Woodbury we've observed in trailers seem rather peaceful, it remains to be seen if AMC's Woodbury shares the more disturbing traits of its comic counterpart, which included -- SPOILER ALERT -- The Governor's brutal habit of feeding strangers to captive zombies, or staging deadly combat exhibitions as public spectacles with chained walkers as hazards.

Inevitably, both sides had reasons to fear the living as they went to war with the other. Check out David Morrissey discussing the town over at Entertainment Weekly, and tell us what about 'The Walking Dead' season 3 you're most excited to see in the comments!