It's never too early to start speculating about which beloved characters will meet their end in 'The Walking Dead' season 3, especially since season 2 saw plenty of casualties that were complete surprises to readers of Robert Kirkman's comic books.  We've already broken down a couple of secrets hidden within the bad-ass 'The Walking Dead' season 3 trailer, but which actor from the series believe they'll have to die at some point?

According to The Hollywood Reporter interviews from Comic-Con 2012, Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes) is on record as saying that she believes her character will bite the big one (or perhaps be bitten herself) at some point in the future.  Certainly the character has garnered a bit of a negative reaction from viewers, but what discussions have been had toward actually killing off the character?  Says Callies:

[Former 'Walking Dead' showrunner] Frank Darabont and I actually — before he was tragically and unfairly removed from the show — we used to argue about it. I argued that it was necessary to kill Lori and I feel very strongly that for all of the other deviations we may have from the comic book, killing Lori does something to Rick that is vital for the story and can’t be done any other way.

I’ve said from the beginning, not only am I OK with Lori dying but I think she has to.  I’ve played this character with an eye toward an end.”

For clarification's sake, and YOU SHOULD STOP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT ANY *POTENTIAL* SPOILERS, the Lori Grimes of the comic book met her grisly end while trying to escape from the infamous prison, under attack by the Governor's forces.  While clutching hers and Rick's child, the woman was struck in the back from a shotgun blast that killed both her, and the baby.  It's unlikely that AMC would choose to go such a graphic route, but is Lori's end a certainty, now that the show is moving into said prison?

Current show-runner Glen Mazzara has previously said that he expects the prison arc could stretch beyond 'The Walking Dead' season 3's 16-episode order, into season 4, so don't start making funeral arrangements for the character just yet.  In any case, they're certainly spoiler-y words to consider.

What say you?  Do you think Lori has to die, or would AMC find a way to keep the character aboard?  What would you like to see happen in 'The Walking Dead' season 3?  Give us your picks in the comments below!