While the fall TV series just about officially reaches full swing this week, few series have us as hungry with anticipation as AMC's third outing of 'The Walking Dead.' No small component of that anticipation was the mysterious sword-swinging character glimpsed at the end of season 2 finale "Beside the Dying Fire," which we know to be the bad-ass Michonne! But while we've seen bits and pieces of the character through all the various promos, how would you like to go behind the scenes to train with Danai Gurira?

Though 'Treme' might be reaching its final season somewhat soon, it seems actress Danai Gurira certainly made out like a bandit, with her new buzz-worthy role on 'The Walking Dead' season 3! For those unfamiliar with the character, season 3 of AMC's hit zombie-killer thriller will see the official introduction of Michonne, a former lawyer (in the comics) who makes her way through the zombie apocalypse initially as a loner, swinging her samurai sword with her two jawless, armless chained walkers in tow.

AMC's incarnation of Michonne will take a slightly different path, first traveling with Andrea before ending up in Woodbury, distrustful of the mysteriously sinister Governor (David Morrissey). In the books, Michonne first met with Otis, being accepted into the survivors' group at the prison shortly thereafter.

The latest video from 'The Walking Dead' season 3 goes behind the scenes with actress Danai Gurira, and covers the extensive training she underwent to convincingly portray the role. Check it out below, and tell us if you're excited to see Michonne in action in the comments!