Almost there! We're just six days away from the season 3 premiere of 'The Walking Dead,' and on top of the multitude of photos and trailers we've meticulously poured over, AMC has shambled out a first clip from the October 14 premiere, "Seed"! But what state does the clip find Rick Grimes and the other survivors in? Are they any closer to finding a new safe haven, or is life out on the road more dangerous than ever?

With less than a week to go before 'The Walking Dead' rises for its third season, AMC has issued the first official clip from Sunday's premiere episode, "Seed." The best news of all is that because it's online, DISH subscribers can actually watch it! Sorry, we presume that we're legally obligated to mention that.

The clip sees the survivors still out on the road following the events of season 2 finale "Beside the Dying Fire," charting and mapping every square inch of the territory they've covered to continue the search for food and possible shelter. There's even a smart addition to the series, that the comics never really thought to document! But what's Rick's true motivation to get out from on the move?

We're mere days from the premiere, while some lucky fans will surely catch a preview at this weekend's New York Comic-Con, but in the meantime check out the clip below and tell us what you want to see from 'The Walking Dead' season 3 in the comments!