We're less than three weeks away from the hotly anticipated season 3.5 premiere of AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' a welcome relief considering the starvation we've endured since mid-season finale "Made to Suffer." The new episodes will see Rick going head to head with the Governor (David Morrissey), erupting in all-out war between the prison and Woodbury, but what does the latest trailer from AMC reveal? Did certain characters survive their bleak predicaments? Who's the mysterious stranger with a sniper rifle? Check out the all-new 'Walking Dead' season 3.5 trailer inside!

'The Walking Dead' fans are shambling about more than ever these days, as we approach Season 3.5's February 10 premiere episode "The Suicide King." The new episode will pick up only momnents after mid-season finale "Made to Suffer" left off with Daryl and Merle Dixon pitted against one another in the Woodbury arena, but what does the latest trailer from AMC reveal?

In addition to teasing that the conflict between Rick Grimes and the newly eye-patched Governor will boil over into all-out war, the new trailer contains several intriguing snippets we caught. For one, it seems Daryl fans can rest easy that the crossbow-wielding warrior will indeed make it out of Woodbury alive, courtesy of Rick and Maggie, potentially even with Daryl's brother Merle in tow!

Not only that, but the trailer provides a closer look at a mysterious rifle-toting stranger that Rick, Michonne and Carl encounter in an abandoned town, one which may or may not be revealed as a long-forgotten friend!

Check out the latest 'Walking Dead' season 3.5 trailer below, and give us your predictions for the back half of season 3 in the comments!