'The Walking Dead' season 4 reached its explosive halfway point with tonight's midseason finale "Too Far Gone," but you needn't wait until February 2014 to find out what happens to Rick's group with the latest trailer for the AMC drama's return early next year!

You're warned of spoilers from here on out for 'The Walking Dead's fourth midseason finale, but it seems as if the happy prison lifestyle of seasons 3 and 4 has finally given way. In one fell swoop, the Governor destroyed the security of the gated community, killing poor Hershel and scattering the surviving group to the wind, before the villain lost his own life.

So, what happens next? AMC's first official trailer for the 2014 return sees the various survivor groups out on the road doing what whey do best, hacking at zombies while things burn in the background, though it seems Rick might not have been as safe as we'd thought. No doubt still wounded from the battle, Rick lies unconscious on a couch as Carl screams at him to wake up! Could the group lose one more member before the survivors reunite?

We'll have plenty more on 'The Walking Dead''s midseason finale and the future to come, but in the meantime, check out the latest season 4 trailer above, and tell us what you want to see when 'The Walking Dead' picks up after the prison fallout next year!

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