Michonne may be on a horse from what we've seen of 'The Walking Dead' season 4, but she's also on a mission. That's what series creator Robert Kirkman had to say about the new season of AMC's monster thriller debuting this fall, among tantalizing previews of The Governor's return, comic-adapted character Bob Stookey, and what could surprisingly end up the most comic-faithful season of 'The Walking Dead' yet!

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in a lengthy interview, Kirkman corroborated new showrunner Scott Gimple's earlier words about 'The Walking Dead' season 4 "remixing" aspects of the comic, but also previewed that season 4 would contain the most direct adaptations of scenes from the books, even as AMC puts their own take on the material.

That may come as something of a surprise to viewers, considering season 3 finale "Welcome to the Tombs" took the sharpest comic detours yet, sparing The Governor and moving the Woodbury survivors into the prison, neither of which occurred in the original story. In particular, Kirkman teased that fans would see the Governor in a "new light" when we finally catch up with the character in season 4, taking a "radically different" approach to the character that aids in an overall firm differentiation from the story of season 3.

The Governor may not have long to contemplate his new direction in life however, as Andrea's death at the climax of season 3 will have filled Michonne (Danai Gurira) with even more determination to track and kill the man, only so far having taken his eye.

As we meet Michonne coming back this season, she's on a mission to hunt down the Governor. It's something she's very obsessed with. It's big part of her character this season. She did lose Andrea and she lost her because of the Governor. She's not willing to let that guy go or be out there.

It's something that may possibly be to her detriment, the fact that she's so dedicated to finding this person. That's something that very much informs her character this season.

To his credit, the Governor will have at least one new ally in season 4, as 'The Wire' vet Lawrence GIlliard Jr. joins the cast in the regular role of haunted Army medic Bob Stookey, a role adapted from an older character present in both the comics and prequel novels detailing the Governor's origins. Kirkman specified that AMC's Bob would "very much" be the character fans know from the books despite the difference in age and race, and whether or not his actual journey stems from the comic story or AMC's own designs. In the books at least, Bob was coerced to summon the remains of his medical expertise in saving the Governor's life, following a brutal attack from Michonne that left him for dead.

So, where is Rick Grimes in all this, you ask? Season 4 will pick up with the grizzled former sheriff some months after the end of season 3, wherein Rick has begun to assume more of a passive leadership role, and less of the stark "Ricktatorship" employed to mixed results in season 3. As for those hand-y spoileriffic rumors going around however, Kirkman would only offer that fans might have misinterpreted photos of actor Andrew Lincoln with a bandaged hand, even while the threat of incorporating one of the comic's most brutal moments remains in play.

We'll be on hand next week at Comic-Con 2013 to hear what the cast and crew have to say about 'The Walking Dead' season 4, potentially previewing a brand new trailer, but in the meantime, what say you? Are you excited to hear Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple skewing closer to the comic storylines in season 4, even as they move in new directions? What are you most dying to see from 'The Walking Dead' season 4? Tell us what you most want to see in the comments!

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