The Walking Dead’ season 5's first eight episodes left off on a pretty dour note, but the back eight arriving in February 2015 may see an even more “brutalized” Team Rick struggling to adapt to some major changes. Find out what the cast and crew have to say of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5's 2015 return with a fresh preview of the new episodes!

You’re warned of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 spoilers from here on out, but it seems the loss suffered in midseason finale “Coda” will be weighing hard on the group come their 2015 return, particularly Maggie. Lauren Cohan teases that Maggie will have a harder time fighting off her darker side with Beth confirmed gone, while Josh McDermitt offers that Eugene will have to find different ways of ingratiating himself to the group, after his fraud came to light.

Perhaps most intriguingly of all, showrunner Scott Gimple teases that the group will undergo a “huge change” in situation, both visually and story-wise, which sounds tantalizingly like a certain comic location that we’ve heard to arrive in recent months. And while the promo mostly reuses footage we’ve seen from the second half of the season, we’ve yet to meet ‘American Horror Story’ star Alexandra Breckinridge’s character, who has been said to recur.

We’ll learn more on the back eight of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 as we head into the new year, but what do you think? Will Rick or the others be “too far gone” to endure whatever comes next? Watch the latest preview above, and give us your predictions for the AMC horror drama’s 2015 return in the comments!

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