'The Walking Dead' managed to keep plenty of mystery afoot in its season 5 premiere with with this past Sunday's "No Sanctuary," and the guessing game only continues with its latest casting. 'True Blood' and 'American Horror Story' star Alexandra Breckenridge has been added to the cast in an important new role, but what can we reveal about the character?

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Breckenridge will play the character of "Samantha," an attractive, strong, smart, charming and articulate woman with a vulnerable side. The character is also described as "a mother with a bohemian spirit, and a talented artist," though AMC noted that either the name or description may be used as a placeholder. Either way, the character will recur, with an option to turn regular in the already-ordered season 6.

Breckenridge joins the as-yet unseen season 5 roles of Seth Gilliam's Father Gabriel and Tyler James Williams' Noah, the latter of which was observed with Beth in the Comic-Con 2014 trailer. Those wary of spoilers from the comics should beware, but we'd guess that Breckinridge's role likely corresponds to one of the characters from the safe zone of Alexandria, a new locale all-but-confirmed by set reports and Andrew Lincoln's conspicuously clean-shaven face.

We'll keep you posted on the mysterious "Samantha," but in the meantime, what say you? Who do you think the character might represent to Rick's group, or worse, any of the Terminus survivors? Might she be of a new faction altogether? Check out a preview for Sunday's latest "Strangers" below, and give us your 'Walking Dead' season 5 predictions in the comments!