The Walking Dead Season 5 shambled out its 13th entry with Sunday’s latest “Forget” but how did it hold up to the comic book continuity? Alexandria holds a welcome shindig to help Rick’s group settle in, while Daryl and Aaron make a discovery in the woods, so let’s find out how close the source material stuck through Sunday’s latest!

As AMC’s incarnation weaves in and out of storylines from the books and adds its own original characters and developments, we’ve compiled an in-depth guide for fans of the comics as well as AMC’s The Walking Dead to enjoy! Check all the comparisons we found in on The Walking Dead Season 5, episode 13, “Forget!”



AMC / Image Comics

AMC: As we mentioned last week, a then-unnamed Olivia collected the group’s guns for storage, this week letting Sasha take a rifle for target practice, and later offering Carol baking supplies for her cookies. She also mentions past employment as a barista, and carries a cell phone around as habit from the old days.

THE COMICS: Largely the same, though Olivia was also the one to cut Rick’s hair, not Jessie. No mention was ever made of her past employment, though she did admit to re-reading old newspapers out of habit

The Gunpowder Plot

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Having learned of the minor latch guarding the window to the gun storage room, Carol makes a point of entering the facility at the same time Carol allows Tobin and others in to sign out a few guns. Carol slyly undoes the latch, later sneaking out of the party to pilfer a few weapons, and scare the bejeezus out of young Sam in the process.

THE COMICS: This happened in a slightly different order, with Glenn in place of Carol, as Glenn faked inebriation as an excuse to leave the party (and most of the town’s residents), in order to investigate the gun storage room. Another day, Glenn waited for Olivia to let Tobin’s group into the gun room, subsequently undoing the latch, and returning later with Rick to take the guns.

AMC / Image Comics

Maggie Greene, Political Something

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Deanna reveals that Maggie will take up a position as a political aide of sorts, as they look to establish some form of government and structure in Alexandria eventually.

THE COMICS: Douglas mentioned to Rick that Maggie had been assigned as a teacher, though this was never actually seen in practice. If anything, the closes match would be Eugene’s assignment as a community planner, while next week’s AMC installment looks to have him on guard duty.

Sasha Looks Out for Spencer

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Upon learning that Deanna’s placement of a rifle in the bell tower is largely for show, Rick insists they install a lookout, something a frustrated Sasha eagerly volunteers for. Deanna agrees to have Sasha switch shifts with her son Spencer (revealed as a brother to Aiden, whom we originally presumed an adaptation of Spencer), while later at the party, Spencer seems exceptionally friendly to Sasha.

THE COMICS: Prior to Rick’s arrival, Douglas had given little consideration to the need for a town lookout, to which Rick recommended Andrea for her sniper skills, as Douglas had had trouble finding a job for her anyway. Later at the party, Andrea shared some light conversation with Spencer, surprised to learn that he was actually Douglas’ son (Douglas had earlier made an uncomfortable pass at her).

AMC / Image Comics



AMC: Aaron and Daryl’s excursion into the woods is interrupted by the appearance of a wild horse Aaron had previously tried to catch, affectionately named “Buttons” by the town’s children. Sadly, their efforts to  catch the stallion fall victim to a walker attack, and Aaron is forced to put Buttons out of his misery.

THE COMICS: In the books, Buttons was actually the name of a Greene family horse that had survived all the way to Alexandria, and ended up under the care of Aaron and Eric. Aaron one day returned from looking for survivors to reveal that a crazed woman had stolen Buttons, and the horse was never seen again. The animal’s undisclosed fate has even become something of a running joke for creator Robert Kirkman.

Reggie Monroe

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: During the dinner party, Deanna introduces Rick to her previously-mentioned husband Reggie, who commends their group’s ability to survive outside for so long, and downplays the significance of his own role in building the wall. Reggie even encourages Rick to enjoy the party, and share a drink with him.

THE COMICS: Douglas’ wife Regina was first introduced rudely rushing past Rick, critical of her husband’s choice to let in so many new survivors at once. She was mentioned, not actually seen at the party itself, but would later share a much more pointed interaction with Rick and Douglas.

Rick, Jessie and Pete

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Rick quickly warms to the party upon Jessie’s arrival, a short while later formally meeting her doctor husband Pete, who seems a bit more inclined to drink than Jessie would prefer. Later, upon seeing Jessie take care of Judith, Rick rather forwardly kisses her on the cheek to show his interest. The next day, Rick menacingly hovers over his gun as Pete and Jessie pass by in the street.

THE COMICS: Pete similarly first appeared at the dinner party, and while somewhat brash, shared no interaction with Rick. That said, Rick’s suspicious gaze of Pete arose from his son Ron’s black eye, something he’d noticed upon first entering Alexandria. Rick wouldn’t’ actually meet Jessie until a later date, nor would any romantic attraction form until after another incident.

Abraham and Michonne

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Call us crazy here, but there certainly seemed to be a bit of flirtatious energy between Abraham and Michonne out on the porch, as they discussed adjusting to life in Alexandria, and hanging up the sword. Now, there are at least several comic precedents why we chose to highlight this pair, so be warned of potential spoilers for everything we discuss in the below paragraph.

THE COMICS: Way back in the prison, Michonne ended up coming between Tyreese and Carol, who themselves had been together since Hershel’s farm. Not to mention, the Alexandria party also led to Morgan and Michonne briefly becoming an item after meeting up outside, while the Abraham of the books would shortly after end up stepping out on Rosita with a woman from the Alexandria construction crew. Might AMC intend to tie a few of these threads together?

Sasha’s Outburst

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Already weary of the Alexandria lifestyle and seeing flashbacks of Bob and Tyreese, Sasha snaps at a partygoer who insists on cooking all the new arrivals their favorite meal, shouting at everyone for worrying about trivial matters.

THE COMICS: Minus the PTSD overtone and flashes of the past (more on that below), near of the exact exchange belonged to Michonne instead, having stood listening a crowd of Alexandria guests’ gossip. Upon attempting to leave, Michonne lost her temper with a woman similarly insisting on finding something to cook for her.

Daryl Declines a Gun

Amc / Image Comics

AMC: Urged by Carol to “try” fitting in, and having earned a place among the community as Aaron’s fellow recruiter, Daryl declines a weapon from Rick and Carol, noting that they wouldn’t likely need them anyway.

THE COMICS: Following Glenn’s stealth retrieval, Rick asks that the other guns go to Abraham, Andrea, Michonne, Morgan and Rosita, making sure that Maggie keeps quiet about their stash. Shortly after, Andrea declines a weapon from Rick, noting that Alexandria had started to bring out a darker side to his leadership.

Michonne Hangs Up the Sword

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Having heard Abraham’s earlier words about leaving weapons behind, and wanting to give life in Alexandria a try as one of its new constables, Michonne hangs up her sword over the mantle of her new home.

THE COMICS: Similar, though it was Alexandria leader Douglas Monroe (the male equivalent to Deanna) who initially insisted Michonne hand over the sword, later allowing her to keep it on display for sentimental reasons. In mounting the blade, Michonne saw flashes of its past uses, similar to the AMC Sasha’s PTSD bursts the party.

AMC / Image Comics

Will The Walking Dead continually curve closer to the comics, now that trouble has already begun to arise in Alexandria? And seriously, whatever happened to Morgan, who was last seen headed for Washington? Did we miss anything else from the comics you might have caught?

Be sure to check back next week for our in-depth comic-to-TV comparison of The Walking Dead Season 5, episode 14, “Spend” on AMC!