The Walking Dead Season 5 shambled out its 15th and penultimate entry with Sunday’s latest “Try” but how did it hold up to the comic book continuity? Rick attempted to mediate the domestic abuse between Alexandria’s Pete and Jessie, while Daryl and Aaron discovered a sinister group outside the gates, so let’s find out how closely the source material stuck through Sunday’s latest!

As AMC’s incarnation weaves in and out of storylines from the books and adds its own original characters and developments, we’ve compiled an in-depth guide for fans of the comics as well as AMC’s The Walking Dead to enjoy! Check all the comparisons we found in The Walking Dead Season 5, episode 15, “Try!”


A Talk Among the Tombstones

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Having heard of Pete and Jessie’s abuse third-hand from Sam and Carol, Rick goes to confront Deanna in the Alexandria cemetery as she mourns her son Spencer. Deanna quickly reveals that she’d known of the abuse, but couldn’t quite act on it, given Pete’s essential surgery skills, and the difficulty of physically separating the pair. Rick flatly responds that he’ll kill Pete if necessary, to which Deanna suggests exile as a possibility, noting that she could do the same to Rick.

THE COMICS: In the literary pages, Rick went to the graveyard to see Douglas after his first confrontation with Jessie, in which she’d tacitly admitted to Pete’s abuse. Douglas hadn’t known explicitly as Deanna had, but similarly ignored the signs given Pete’s medical value. Here, Rick was the one to suggest exile or death, with Douglas more incensed by Rick making demands. Also worth noting is that Douglas was found in the graveyard visiting his former friend Alexander Davidson, rather than mourning a son, as on AMC.

The W Dead

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: During their search for a nearby survivor, Daryl and Aaron encounter additional walkers with the mysterious “W” etched in their foreheads, later finding an eviscerated nude woman with the same branding, tied to a tree and left for the walkers.

THE COMICS: We debated touching on the idea here, or rather waiting for Sunday’s finale, so be warned of potential spoilers in the below description.

Around this time in the books, it was Glenn and Heath out on a scavenging mission that encountered a sinister group, who sacrificed one of their own men to escape a cluster of walkers. The unnamed group eventually caught on to Glenn and Heath’s presence, following the sounds of motorcycles and gunshots all the way back to Alexandria. (W)olves at the gate, indeed.

Et Tu, Nicholas?

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Following his cowardly retreat from last week’s mission, Nicholas attempts to spin the story around Glenn and his allies being responsible for Aiden’s death, lying to a suspicious Deanna in his post-mission interview. Glenn later confronts Nicholas over his cowardice, imposing that the runner won’t be allowed outside the walls again, while Nicholas is later seen retrieving Rick’s lost gun from an unknown hiding spot.

THE COMICS: A slightly older Nicholas never worked as a runner, but quickly came into conflict with Rick over their sons roughhousing, and later when walkers began piling up outside the Alexandria gates. Nicholas even spearheaded a brief mutiny that forced him to incapacitate Glenn, though Rick would shortly thereafter resolve the conflict, and relatively peacefully, at that.

Rick Confronts Jessie, Take One

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Following his discussion with Deanna, Rick confronts Jessie in her garage and bluntly reveals his knowledge of Pete’s abuse. Jessie insists that Pete had previously gotten help, as well that she could handle things on her own, before calling into question why Rick would risk either his or his children’s safety in Alexandria for her sake, and subsequently insisting he leave.

THE COMICS: Having never formally met Jessie prior, Rick visited her and lightly intimated that he knew something to be wrong with their relationship. Jessie eventually acknowledged her husband’s violent side, but similarly questioned what Rick could do to protect her. Their exchange was interrupted by Pete’s return, to which Rick and Jessie covered by pretending to arrange a playdate for Carl and Ron.

Rick Confronts Jessie, Take Two

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Stressed by his initial failure, and the subsequent imagery of Alexandria residents oblivious to the world outside, Rick revisits Jessie in her living room and attempts a more emotional plea to protect her and her children, acknowledging he wouldn’t show the same dedication for anyone else. Jessie tearfully accepts the ofer, though Pete interrupts the moment, and ignores their demands that Rick and Pete leave the house together.

Pete throws the first punch at Rick, before the fight spills out into the street, drawing a crowd of onlookers. Pete even backhands Jessie in her attempts to pull them apart, while Rick similarly pushes Carl away, eventually getting Pete in a choke-hold.

AMC / Image Comics

THE COMICS: The second confrontation with Jessie and Pete took place directly after Rick’s conversation with Douglas, as Rick unexpectedly pushed his way into their home and threw the first punch, forcibly demanding Pete confess to his crimes. The fight similarly took them through a window and out into the crowded streets, though Jessie herself kept to the background, while Rick audibly projected a failure to keep his own wife and child safe, before Douglas intervened

Rick Goes Shane-Crazy

AMC / Image Comics

AMC: Once Deanna demands he release Pete, Rick pulls a gun and threatens nearly everyone in sight, insisting that Deanna’s way of living has cost lives and couldn’t be allowed to continue. Rick demands they protect Alexandria by controlling who lives within, balking at Deanna’s insinuation such rules extend to him as well, before Michonne puts a decisive end to the conflict by knocking Rick out.

AMC / Image Comics

THE COMICS: Almost note for note, right down to the dialogue, though in the comic’s case Michonne only stunned Rick with the blow, and he quickly realized his instability by the frightened looks on everyone’s faces.

AMC / Image Comics

Will The Walking Dead continually curve closer to the comics, now that trouble has beset Alexandria on either side of the wall? Will Morgan finally show up for the finale, or end up a victim of the mysterious “W” group? Did we miss anything else from the comics you might have caught?

Be sure to check back next week for our in-depth comic-to-TV comparison of The Walking Dead Season 5, episode 16, season finale “Conquer” on AMC!