Current chatter amongst The Walking Dead steers fans in every direction as to whether or not #GlennLives, but what don’t we have to worry will return? The Walking Dead itself, now that AMC has expectedly renewed its monster hit for Season 7, Talking Dead and all.

Even as The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere suffered a notable misstep of failing to break the same ratings records as its predecessors, AMC issued a zombie no-brainer renewal. Season 7 will almost assuredly operate under the same sixteen-episode model, with Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 arriving sometime next year as well, this time for fifteen hours.

AMC seemed notably blasé over its unsurprising announcement:

Thank goodness someone had a Magic 8-Ball with them in our many long internal meetings about these renewals. When, on the third shake, ‘without a doubt’ filled the murky blue screen, we knew we had to proceed with new seasons of The Walking Dead and Talking Dead.

All joking aside, we are so proud to share these shows with fans who have been so passionate, communicative and engaged. We are grateful for and continually impressed by the talent, effort and excellence on continuous display by Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, Chris Hardwick and the many people with whom we partner to make these unique shows possible. The result: More Walking and Talking. Hooray.

Beware of a minor spoiler but The Walking Dead Season 6 finale has also been said to introduce a major new big bad for Season 7, as if we needed any other impetus for the series to return. In the meantime, Season 6 continues this Sunday with the 90-minute “Here’s Not Here.”

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