WARNING - Full Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 From Here On Out!

Like many of you, I sat in disbelief at the major climax of The Walking Dead Season 6’s most recent outing “Thank You,” in which Glenn and Nicholas found themselves dumpster-diving in a walker-laden alley, Nicholas’ suicide seemingly pushing Glenn into the undead horde below. The ensuing screams and explicit viscera have been examined from every angle, even as on-set photos seemingly confirm Glenn’s miraculous survival, while producers cryptically avoid answering direct questions.

That in mind, something struck me about said photos, themselves taken at a time no one knew the significance of Steven Yeun’s presence. Going back to The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer released at Comic-Con this past July, the series very cleverly anticipated our search for answers, allowing no footage of Glenn past what we’d already seen through “Thank You.”

Still, my curiosity piqued, I had to know for sure. What follows is an examination of every* Walking Dead Season 6 trailer and promo released prior to the premiere (promos thereafter sticking to one episode at a time), footage many of us have already seen, albeit now re-framed in the context of the first three episodes.

Come. Join my descent into madness.

(Note: All footage has been culled from the main Comic-Con trailer, as no subsequent promos contained anything outside it)

This shot of Deanna overlooking a sign with her late husband Reggie Monroe strikes as at least odd, considering it appears to be on an elevated platform, rather than Reggie’s actual grave. What “PNL #1” stands for is anyone’s guess, but this appears to at least take place in an upcoming Alexandria-based episode.

This one too seems a bit unusual, for Aaron to appear so aggravated, and startled by Michonne’s arrival. If you’ll note, Aaron doesn’t appear to have any visible injuries, which would suggest it takes place prior to the Wolves’ assault on Alexandria (more on that later). A deleted scene perhaps? The same goes for the below shot, neither of which emerge from the first two episodes.

It’s safe to assume Rick will return to Alexandria at some point, though this particular image doesn’t appear anywhere in the first episode. Rick’s hair seems notably clean, considering everything we’ve seen him up to over the last three hours, and the charred-seeming wall blocks any view of his potentially injured hand. Could Rick be surveying the destruction, or could this too have wound up cut from the premiere? It’s also possible we’re seeing another angle of the above scene with Deanna at the wall.

Morgan and Deanna weren’t observed to have any significant exchanges within the first two episodes, again making these images either upcoming, or deleted.

The world isn’t what you thought it was. You don’t know who you are anyore, but you still know your way.

Jessie, addressing some of her fellow Alexandrians of the need to get with the program:

This is what life looks like now We have to fight it, because if we don’t, we die.

Presumably, this mentality would have emerged after Jessie was forced to violently defend her home from an invading Wolf, so, upcoming.

Now, here’s what started spurring my curiosity. As we’ll see the below shots, here we have Aaron and Maggie exploring some sort of sewer, encountering a decayed walker that nearly gets the better of Aaron.

You’ll also note the cut on Aaron’s forehead that matches the end of “JSS,” confirming this takes place in an upcoming episode. Maggie appears notably distraught, and that might provide our first real clue to Glenn’s fate. Obviously, with no one around to witness Glenn’s apparent end, Maggie would venture out at some point to either rescue, or locate the body. So, presuming the images above has something to do with that objective, why would it take them into a notably dangerous sewer?

There’s certainly the possibility of Aaron and Maggie needing to investigate something about the Alexandria water supply, unrelated to Glenn, but hold onto your tin-foil hats from here on out. We’re all well-versed in the thin premise that Glenn might have survived walker alley thanks to Nicholas’ entrails masking the scent, but what if he didn’t have to?

What if Glenn only actually spent a few moments on the ground, before spotting a grate, manhole, or sewer entrance down which to escape the most imminent threat? I don’t know about you, but I’d buy that much faster than those dozens of walkers miraculously leaving him unscathed on the ground.

And if we assume Maggie ventures to the site of Glenn’s apparent end, and didn’t find his explicit remains, what might send her into a sewer to investigate, that we were mysteriously reminded of?

Just a theory, folks. A crazy theory, but this whole she-bang brings out the best in crazy.

That’s where the Glenn trail goes cold, but we did find several more tantalizing images that seemingly spell an ominous end to the zombie parade mission. For one, Deanna is visible killing a walker at night with an unknown weapon. Not many walkers have breached the gates of Alexandria yet (amazingly, none got in with the Wolves), but …

Uh-oh. Not to rain on the zombie parade, but … good job, everyone.

Now this … doesn’t appear to come from any scenes of Rick running from “Thank You,” which leads us to believe it takes place after we last saw him (note the more roughed-up appearance), the RV stalling as walkers approached. It stands to reason that Rick would resume running (we can’t see his hand to be sure), but where exactly might he be? And to whom would he be calling out?

Well … didn’t we see a truck parked at that same angle, just outside Alexandria? Considering how nonchalant Spencer and Rosita overlooked the walkers on the walls, it stands to reason Rick might do the same during the daylight. I think we know who drew the walkers to the gate.

And finally, we have random folk holding a gun to Daryl in some burnt-out seeming woods. He gets loose, walks his motorcycle, and things happen. Conclusive!

Well, did we miss any other unused footage that you might have caught? It’s unclear if next week’s 90-minute “Here’s Not Here” focuses entirely on Morgan’s flashback, but how long until we catch up to the Alexandria present, and learn Glenn’s fate? Feel free to spout your best crazy alongside us, while we wait!

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